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Toyota & Lexus
Recruited as Lead UX, UI designer for ‘connected car’ technologies, I began day one with a brand-new team learning agile. I searched out and integrated Toyota’s brand style guide into the work. Further, I began cultivating and mentoring the team in the concepts and methodologies of UX design. As a member of the scrum team, I took part in storyboarding, produced wires and comps for a web application in three weeks.
Toyota cont...
Concurrently, I approached the existing user experience for customer and dealer enrollment into ‘connected car’ services. Identifying pain points and interviewing users provided data used toward delivery of fully documented deliverables.
Recruited as a hybrid Information Architect/Visual Designer. During my 4-year contract, I worked on Used Device Sales, Store Locator, International Services, Experience Planning Team Project Accessories Prototype Testing, integration of AEM and responsive web components, and the admin side of Adobe AEM for daily releases.
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I Design World-Class User Experiences
As a UX Designer, I have the inherent empathy and ability to envision and architect the interactions people have with a product and/or service in a way that benefits the people that use it.
My process begins by listening to stakeholders and business owners describe their "business ask" or problem to solve. Gain knowledge of users, context, technologies, gather user data, research competitive products, conduct interviews and field studies. Develop personas to fully understand the needs of both user and brand in relation to the issue being solved. Produce materials that will aid the outlining of the project, site maps, content inventories, screen flows, navigation models, task flows, user journeys, scenarios.

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