About Me
I truly enjoy designing experiences that are ethical, inclusive, secure, intelligent, and immersive.
I value collaboration and can translate highly complex issues into easy-to-understand design requirements. Standard deliverables such as sketches, wireframes, storyboards, mockups, and information hierarchies come to life as a result of my superior written and verbal communication skills.

My career spans over 18+ years here in the Dallas, Texas area.

Starting out as a "web designer", concepting, creating mockups, and coding consumer facing sites to today's division of those efforts into the many facets of UX Design.
Photo courtesy of Terie L. Davis, shot in Dallas, Texas 01/2018

Leida A. Bartmess

Leida A. Bartmess at work

Leida A. Bartmess2

I am active in the Dallas, Texas art community. Currently, I am working on epoxy resin art and hope to have a show soon.

Leida A. Bartmess3

I stimulate my creativity by painting and creating objects of beauty.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

--Thomas Merton
Mixed Media painting on Panel / Board / MDF

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Citrus Reticulata Plethora

Mixed Media painting on Panel / Board / MDF

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Molecular Movement

Mixed Media painting on Panel / Board / MDF

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Galactic Ocean View